In Native American cultures, The Great Spirit is a deity intertwined with the fabric of the Universe itself on the large scale and yet personally engaged with the web of living things and the world on an earthly scale. I am creating a spiritual practice by borrowing a little from the Buddhists and the practice of mindfulness, but mostly from the strong connection I feel for the worship of Earth as taught us by our first nations. For those who hunger for the connection of a spiritual practice from someone who is learning to braid her own.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grateful for all my brothers and sisters

I listen to the slugs, I hear them sing, I hear them sing.
I listen to the slugs, I hear them sing, I hear them sing.
The slugs are my sisters, the slugs are my brothers.
We sing together and we sing to each other.
I listen to the slugs, I hear them sing, I hear them sing.

Slugs break down organic matter, which is important for recycling nutrients like nitrogen through the food chain. They are a good source of protein for snakes, salamanders, toads, frogs, badgers, hedgehogs, moles, shrews, porcupines, foxes, raccoons, beetles and various birds, such as owls, robins, blackbirds, thrushes, starlings, seagulls, jays, ducks, geese, chickens and crows. 

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